Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Took a quick tour of the Diamond Bakery factory - a local bakery specializing in crackers and cookies that got its start in 1921.  There is a great story about how three friends began the company on their website ... www.diamondbakery.com.

The factory is pretty compact – more or less contained in one warehouse. Diamond Bakery uses continuous feed, direct fired ovens for their popular crackers and cookies but workers hand-select, weigh and pack each box to ensure quality and unbroken product.

Diamond Bakery makes Graham, Salty, Saloon Pilot, Royal Creem (my favorite) and Soda crackers.  They also make cookies including the popular animal crackers.

Clockwise from right:  Royal Creem Crackers on the assembly line, Royal Creems on the conveyor belt, Diamond Bakery worker checking the crackers and Animal Crackers.  These four photos are courtesy of Susan Sunderland.

Diamond Bakery does not sell direct to the public but they are available online and you will find their popular cookies and crackers in most stores and supermarkets.