Monday, July 25, 2011

Biggest Loser (2010 favorite) coming to Maui Marathon

Fan favorite Ada Wong, from “The Biggest Loser” (2010 television series), is coming to Maui to participate in the September marathon.

“We’re excited to have Ada join us for a great weekend of events,” said Rudy Huber, Maui Marathon Executive Director.  “She’s become an inspiration for millions of people and her desire to run the Maui Marathon is perfect for her new outlook.” 

When asked in an interview last December, Ada said, “I lost 99 pounds. I want to lose another five or so pounds. More importantly I want to focus on toning up my body a little more and becoming a better athlete. I made the shift from being the overweight girl trying to lose weight to being the girl who wants to be more physically fit.”

A native of California, Ada’s dramatic weight loss was unveiled to TV viewing audiences over the course of many weeks and her transformation was fantastic.  She keeps the weight off by working out daily and keeping to 1800 calories a day.

“In The Biggest Loser Marathon, Ada posted the fastest female time of 4:38:48 (a record),” added Huber.  Our fastest time for ladies 2:39 but Ada’s got experience under her belt now and she’s a competitor so we’re expecting her to do very well.”

During her visit to Maui for the Maui Marathon, Ada will be speaking at the Expo on Friday from 1:30 – 2:30 pm and she’ll do a brief presentation at 5 pm at the Carbo Lū‘au – both events take place at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa.  Ada will also be at a booth on Friday at the Expo and Saturday to chat with runners, fans.  Booth times will vary.

41st Annual Maui Marathon & Half-Marathon
·         September 17:  Maui Tacos 5K Run and Bubba Gumps Front Street Mile
·         September 18:  Maui Marathon, Half-Marathon and Warrior Challenge

Registration for the 2011 events is available on line now at  The fee also includes a t-shirt for all race finishers.

Maui Marathon is recognized as one of the most scenic courses in USA and the oldest consecutive running marathon in Hawaii. The course is a point-to-point route starting in Kahului and passes sugarcane fields and along the Pacific coastline for over 17 miles. The popular Maui Half-Marathon features a flat, out-and-back course that traces the final 6.55 miles of the marathon course.

For more information about the Maui Marathon, visit, email or call 808-280-5801.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Factory tour of Diamond Bakery

Had an opportunity to accompany media on a factory tour of Diamond Bakery in Honolulu.  Here are some of the photos I took of the facility.

 The flour silo

 Hair nets are required of everyone ... workers and visitors

 Mixing the cracker dough

Sheets of graham crackers

Crackers moving up the conveyor belt

 Cracking the crackerss

The human touch is required to make sure only the best crackers are selected

Stacks of graham crackers

Plastic wrapper for sealing the crackers

Here, individually wrapped soda crackers are checked

A batch of sea animal crackers caught my eye

Here, the sea animal crackers sorted by type

Looking back at the line of ovens baking the crackers and cookies to the exact crispness

 Selection of some of the cookies and crackers that are produced at the Diamond Bakery factory

For more information on Diamond Bakery’s full line of products, visit the website at or call (808) 847-3551.

NOTE:  The factory is not open to public tours