Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diamond Bakery launches line of Hawaiian “All Natural” Crackers

Diamond Bakery (www.diamondbakery.com), a Hawaii-based cookie and cracker company that has been in business for over 90 years, recently announced the launch of their newest product line of Hawaiian “All Natural” Crackers.  

“In a time when consumers are extremely conscious about eating healthier and smarter, we created products that meet their demands,” said Brent Kunimoto, President of Diamond Bakery.  “Our new Hawaiian All Natural Crackers have no artificial flavor and use the finest ingredients for an extra hearty crunch.”

Diamond Bakery’s Hawaiian All Natural Crackers are based on the company’s time-tested favorites – some of the recipes have been in used for more than 80 years!  The new line will soon be available in California, Colorado and part of the Southwest.  The Hawaiian All Natural Cracker line includes:

Hawaiian Sodas - Original

Providing comfort and nourishment to sea-going travelers for decades, Diamond Bakery’s Hawaiian Sodas are the islands’ favorite crackers.  Hawaiian sodas are made from the finest local ingredients including organic wheat flour.

Hula Creems - Original

Crunchy and creamy, these crackers are inspired by Hawaii’s famous dance and unique culture. They are made with enriched wheat flour for a natural, mildly sweetened cracker.

Hula Creems - Coconut

Like the Hula Creems, but with Hawaiian harvested coconut added for a tasty difference.

Waimea Wheats - Original

Motivated by the small village of Waimea on the island of Kauai, and its farming and plantation heritage, Waimea Wheats use enriched wheat flour and wheat brand for a thick and hearty cracker that’s good for the soul.

Maui Grahams – Maui Sugar

Like their name implies, Maui Grahams use enriched wheat flour and raw cane sugar that is grown and harvested on the beautiful Valley Island of Maui.

“The one, all important ingredient that never changes is the pure Hawaiian artesian water that we use,” added Kunimoto.  “That, coupled with our belief in the human process of hand selecting each cracker or cookie three times, makes Diamond Bakery brand products outstanding.”

Each box of Hawaiian All Natural Crackers includes nutrition facts.  For example, three Waimea Wheats have 70 calories (20 calories from fat), total fat 2g, (saturated fat 1g, transfat 0g), cholesterol 0mg, sodium 65mg, total carbohydrates 12g (dietary fiber 1g, sugars 0g) and protein 2g. 

Diamond Bakery products are manufactured out of a single facility in Honolulu, Hawaii.

For more information, visit www.diamondbakery.com or call 847-3551.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

'Classic Cocktails' menu unveiled at Kauai Beach Resort

Kaua‘i Beach Resort is introducing a new “Classic Cocktails” menu at Shutters Lounge.  To kickoff the new offerings, a ‘pau hana’ is scheduled for Thursday, March 24 and the public is invited to stop by and enjoy the classics.

WHAT:          Unveiling of the new “Classic Cocktails” menu

Chandra Lam, Director of Mixology for Southern Wine & Spirits of Hawai‘i is passionate about the business of crafting perfect cocktails.  She will be on hand (bio attached) to share her knowledge and answer questions.

Jonah Cummings, guitarist/vocalist, provides entertainment for the evening.

Kaua‘i Beach Resort’s Executive Chef Mark Sassone will be creating specially prepared appetizers to savor with the cocktails.

Classic Cocktails recipes presented include:  Classic Gin Martini, General Manager’s Martini, Manhattan Cocktail, Hemingway Daiquiri, Liliko‘i Sidecar and Sidecar (recipes attached).

A carte pricing.

WHEN:          Thursday, March 24 from 5 – 11 pm

WHERE:       Shutters Lounge at Kaua‘i Beach Resort

For more information about Kaua‘i Beach Resort, call 808-245-1955 or visit www.kauaibeachresorthawaii.com.