Sunday, August 30, 2015

Converting videos to DVD

While I know there are probably lots of companies around that do this, I recently found one in my neighborhood that offers the mini DV to DVD conversion at a reasonable price. So, earlier this week I took my tape to the shop and luckily, the owner said he would work on it right away. I left for a quick lunch and when I returned, it was done.

Now that I’ve finally taken the step to convert one of my tapes to DVD for easy viewing, I plan to take more, including the old video cassette of home movies that a cousin previously converted from 8 or 16mm film, so I can easily watch it too.

The shop I went to is called 808Burners. It’s a small family-owned business in the Aiea / Pearl City area which got its start in late 2002 as an internet cafĂ©. Today, they still have computers for internet use but have added many additional services including tape to DVD transfer, slide show development and computer repair. 

To check out the prices for various services and for more information, visit,