Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The wonders of (Maui's) Lavender

Nestled on the slopes of Maui’s Mt. Haleakala at about the 4,000 ft. level is where you will find Alii Kula Lavender – a farm with about 55,000 lavender plants and more. Created by Mr. Alii Chang, Alii Kula Lavender (AKL) offers the only Lavender Lifestyle experience on Maui including the best lavender scones and lavender tea.

AKL offers daily tours of the farm, wonderful lavender products for sale in the gift shop (including the tea and scone mix) and a gorgeous location for weddings and receptions.  I attended a wedding reception there a few years ago and, although it did rain, it was still very, very beautiful.

Lavender, known to have a regulating effect on the nervous system, soothes, calms and de-stresses.

Here’s a great lavender tip from AKL:

Mix a few drops of Lavender Essential in a medium-size bowl of water. Soak a wash cloth in it then wring it out. Heat the washcloth in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds, remove and apply to an inflamed area for soothing relief. The washcloth can also be placed in the refrigerator until cool and placed on the forehead to relieve a headache. Placing a dab of Lavender Essential oil directly to the temple helps ease migraines.

Lavender Essential Oil is available at Alii Kula Lavender.
Phone: 808-878-3004
FAX: 808-878-2645
E-Mail: customerservice@aklmaui.com

For more information on Maui, visit the Maui Visitors Bureau website here.

Images courtesy of Alii Kula Lavender

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